But First...An Intro

I have always loved writing stories. Writing songs has taken years to 
get into but now I absolutely love the process and challenge of writing poetry in music, but writing and journaling has always been my thing. So I thought, I have all these resources and a good amount of time on my hands, why not start a little email thought train. 

My idea behind this isn't for you to just get another email in your inbox, but to hopefully start to create a culture where there is a bridge between the worship music that you're listening to and the heart behind the worship. 

I've always wanted to know more about the artist who sang the song 
that I can't get out of my head for the past week. Or maybe it was just a lyric that intrigued me, or maybe it's the actual artist that intrigues me. Regardless, I love learning from and about other peoples journeys and I think it's so encouraging to hear about what we're all currently, right now, processing and what 
God is speaking to us all about.

SO, this is an attempt to bridge the gap between artist and listener, 
and to create a space where we can start our mornings together with a Kingdom thought and go through our week processing it together. You can email questions to me or comment right on the blog post on my website so we can all read each others comments. 

Ah! I'm so excited. I hope you are too.  More to come...

Allie Merrill1 Comment