Born in Seattle, raised in Santa Barbara, California, music entered Allie’s life when she was five years old. Her parents encouraged classical piano lessons until she was 18, at which she left the states, and the thought of pursuing music any further. When she returned she found herself in Isla Vista’s worship scene with the Isla Vista church. When an old friend handed her a half broken organ and told her to play along, she found a new passion for synth indie music.

She would go on to make a record with the Isla Vista Church, after which she wrote, produced and recorded her debut album Miles and Years. After releasing this record, she was motivated by the response to continue releasing music as a Christian artist and soon realized a huge dream on her heart was to make “good Christian music that isn’t cheesy, but that is true to my artistry and that communicates the normalcy of intimacy with Jesus” in the Christian music industry. She continues to put out songs and collaborations with other Christian artists and will be going on tour with Citizens in the fall of 2019.